Releah Michelle was born in Georgia in 1987. She is a self-taught abstract expressionist and poet who has been honing her artistic voice for many years. Merging her love for patterns and automatic painting around the flow of energy sums up her artistic style.

She is currently based in her home studio located in Georgia and is inspired by fashion, feng shui, modern interior decorating and the strategic use of bright colors. Fashion plays a significant part in the presentation of her artwork because she was previously an independent latex clothing fashion designer for a total of 7 years. She presented at NY Fashion Week and put on several local fashion shows. Her creative process begins with either her sketching first or free-hand painting figures into abstract backgrounds. The creative process for creating the backgrounds begin with layers of acrylic paint being applied on the canvas over a period of days often incorporating a mixed media approach. Her goal is to bridge the gap between unique and approachable through her artwork.


“As an abstract expressionist artist and poet with a background in fashion design, my artwork is a vibrant interplay of color and texture sometimes incorporating lines from my poetry. Each canvas becomes a visual symphony, where patterns emerge and dissipate, inviting the viewer into a realm of emotional resonance.”