Randy Dickerson is an abstract painter and award-winning creative director. Born and raised in rural Alabama, he received a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Alabama in 1995. He has found time to pursue his passion for studio art while earning a Cable Ace Award, Communication Arts Award of Excellence, and an Emmy.

As a child, Randy spent countless hours exploring his natural surroundings while daydreaming like most young artists. These experiences instilled a magical sense of wonder, keen observational skills, and a deep connection to the environment. Randy’s paintings often reflect an interconnectedness of all things; a blend of flora and fauna, personal experiences, pop culture, and the urban environment.

Over the last 20 years, Randy’s “Fragmented Faces” series has evolved from a personal exploration to cope with his grandfather’s Alzheimer’s symptoms into a study of how we, as individuals, interact and influence each other.

Randy invites others to play and explore in his art. Working primarily with acrylic on paper, wood, or canvas, he often mixes styles, themes, and techniques even blending abstract expressionism, surrealist, and representational styles.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the creative process. I love to just start marking something using only intuition, without knowing what will emerge. It’s truly exciting for me to see the work come to life as I discover the hidden surprises. I want to stir the imagination of others. I like to create images that continue to reveal new things each time a viewer looks deeper into a piece.”

Randy lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. When he isn’t painting or hanging out with his family, he can usually be found deep in the woods, digging for objects with metal detecting while digging for new ideas.