Artist FAQ

What Is The DEV Gallery

The DEV Gallery is a contemporary, commercial art gallery located in residence at the Decatur Estate Vintage Market. Because of our location, we attract a steady presence of private collectors and buyers from the art, interior design and film industries. Because of this, we place a high emphasis on selling your artwork.

What Type of Art Does the Gallery Accept?

We currently have openings for original artworks of drawings, paintings, and mixed media pieces. We have plans to add sculpture, pottery and 3-D works.

Do You Accept Prints?

We currently only accept single, original, fine art works. Therefore, the gallery currently is not open to photography, prints, posters, letterpress, or other limited edition works.

What Are the Terms?

The DEV Gallery leases gallery wall space to artists and receives a small commission percentage of each sale. Rates are quite affordable and available wall spaces measure 4′ x 9′ and 8′ x 9′. Agreement terms are 3 months and 6 months with some discounts available. Gallery lease can be paid monthly or in one combined sum. Please Contact the DEV Gallery regarding specific rates, terms and availability.

What Size Wall Spaces Are Available?

Wall spaces are 4′ x 9′ and 8′ x 9′. Please Contact the DEV Gallery regarding availability.

How Long Are the Contract Commitments?

The DEV Gallery offers 3 month and 6 month contract commitments.

How Do I Pay Commissions?

Gallery sales commissions are subtracted from total sales when artist receives sales check each month.

Does the Gallery Only Accept Local Artists?

Artists should be able to regularly manage their space. Local artists can do this easily, However, regional and national artists are welcome if they have a local agent who can perform upkeep on the space. Hanging, rehanging adding and removing pieces often needs to happen on an ongoing basis so a local connection is necessary.

Do You Sell Works Online?

Artists in the DEV Gallery have a presence here on the DEV Gallery website. Artists have their own page on the website and may submit artworks to be sold in our e-commerce system. We encourage artists to promote their presence at the DEV Gallery on their own social media accounts.

How Do I Submit Works For Online Sales?

Each DEV Gallery artist will get access to our Artist Portal. From here, a submission form is available which artists can complete for each artwork they wish to include in our e-commerce shop.

Are Artists Required to Be Present in the Gallery?

The DEV Gallery handles all in person and online selling so there are no requirements for the artists to be present in the gallery. We do, however, have regular meet and greet events as well as monthly First Friday receptions which we encourage artists to attend if possible. Meeting potential buyers in person often leads to purchases.

Can I Still Sell My Works in the Gallery in My Shop or Website?

While you may promote any and all of your works anywhere, artworks hanging in the DEV Gallery may only be sold through the gallery for the term the work is included in the gallery. If your DEV Gallery works are available in an online store, you may link to the pieces in our own e-commerce store or temporarily remove them if you choose.

Can I Remove or Change Gallery Pieces?

We encourage adding new artworks or updating your gallery space. To remove or add any artworks to the DEV Gallery, you must get approval from the gallery manager regarding any such changes. This helps us keep track of art inventory and help us avoid any unauthorized removal or theft of artworks. Unfortunately, we cannot approve the removal of a large amount of works at one time. Any artist’s change to their gallery space which would result in large, empty wall space is not acceptable.

How Do I Apply To Be A DEV Gallery Artist?

Please visit our section “Sell Your Art” to apply. Someone will get back to you regarding availability.